Specialty Service

Antique and Piano

Infinity Movers realize how important it is to safeguard the things that matter most in our lives, we know the value of pieces of furniture that has been in our family for generations and have been passed down to us. We know that every move is as unique as the individuals that are moving. Every relocation has different requirements, which is why Infinity Movers has special moving services available to meet all your needs. We have Trained and Certified expert movers who are able to handle your fine arts, antiques, and pianos. Our specialists have been trained in the proper handling techniques to safely pack and move these specialty items.

Attention to movers- An untrained person should never attempt to move a piano. Not only will the large size of the instrument pose safety risks, but the slightest damage to a piano can be very expensive to repair. Our piano movers are versed in the proper dismantling techniques of all pianos types including grand, vertical, electrical, and digital pianos. After safely dismantling your piece of equipment we will transport and reinstall it in your new home in working order.

Your precious antiques have been in your family for generations, so it’s imperative not to trust them to inexperienced movers. Our antique moving division is dedicated to preserving the condition of your items during the move. We’ve successfully relocated antique furniture, family heirlooms such as century-old grandfather clocks, and collections of items from various museums and antique stores. Whatever your requirements maybe we have the equipment and expertise to successfully meet your antique moving needs.

Fine Arts Moving

Moving your fine art is a delicate task that Infinity Movers knows all too well. Special pieces have special requirements such as bubble wrapping, pack kits, packing crates E.T.C. After 10 years of industry experience, we’ve had several opportunities to relocate several collections as well as individual pieces. We know that your fine artwork is more than just a pretty picture, value in cost, and emotional attachment. Leave the care of your priceless, one-of-a-kind pieces to one of Infinity Movers’ trained movers that relocate these items with utmost care. “Passionate Movers That Cares”