Packing tips and Tricks

Essential Packing Tips

Your items will come in all different shapes and sizes. Hence, you should be collecting different-sized boxes that are of reliable quality. Check out grocery stores for spare boxes or ask your friends if they have spare boxes lying around

Also, consider acquiring some of the following items:

Newspapers, blank newsprint paper




Heavy-duty packaging tape


Labeling stickers


Permanent markers


Padding supplies


Bubble wraps


Wrapping sheets

Pack Your Items Intelligently

Carefully and thoughtfully packing your items reduces the chances of damaging items during the move. Your stuff is no good to you if it's all broken when you get there. Hence, place heavier items at the bottom of a box and the lighter ones on top.

Also, pack heavier items into small boxes. Refrain from packing multiple heavy items into a larger box. This makes the box difficult to manage and can potentially cause the box to break. Use newspapers to fill empty spaces in a box to secure your items.

Pack Items Together According to the Room They Belong To

This makes the unpacking process much easier, too. Start by selecting a room and then packing the smaller items in that room first. Then, mark the box with the appropriate room code.

Pack a Box with Items You Will Need First

This box will most likely consist of items you cannot go without and you are most likely packing them last. Items like toothpaste, toilet paper, soap, paper towels. Keep in mind that you and other persons involved in the move will be needing these items before finishing the move. Taking bathroom breaks and breaking for lunch is most likely going to happen - so be prepared and have these items handy. Finally, keep snacks on hand just in case anyone needs a quick boost.

Prepare a Box or Suitcase for Each Member of the Family

If you were about to go on a long trip, what items would you need? Now, take those same items and pack them about a week before the move. Changes in clothes, underwear and toiletries are all crucial when moving. Be prepared and take care of these items ahead of time

Bring a Moving File

During your move, you'll need to have certain important documents handy. Take these documents and create them in a file that you can put into your box or suitcase so that it doesn't get mixed up along with your other items. Items like your moving truck reservation, hotel arrangements, important contacts, or any other information regarding the move.

Take a Second Look at Your Kitchen

Often, people leave behind items in their pantry or dishwasher, etc. Take another look at your kitchen while packing and ensure nothing is left behind in these areas. Throw away the excess and box up only what you need. Smaller items like cables or even utensils can go into plastic bags within a box. Label the plastic bags for easy unpacking later on.

Dismantle Any Large Items and Store Their Smaller Components in Ziplock Bags

You might have some larger appliances that require assembling. Taking them in their fully-assembled state might not be practical - so start working on disassembling these items. Set aside their smaller components and place them together in a box that you should label for easy access later on. They shouldn't be packed too far from tools like Allen wrenches and pliers, etc. - items that will help you reassemble them after the move.

Store Your Tools in the Same Spot

Once the unpacking begins, you're going to need tools to start reassembling your items. Make your life and the movers' lives easier by storing your tools in one central location. Make everyone involved in the move aware of the location of these tools to eliminate confusion and save time once the packing process starts.

Double-Check Each Room

Once the movers tell you they have everything, take extra precautions by checking each room to ensure nothing is left behind. Also, be courteous to the new homeowners and toss out anything you don't need. After ensuring that everything is packed up, it's time to lock up and go!


We understand that moving is a tedious task. There are many moving parts and it is a very stressful time for those involved. D'CORR Moving Solutions strives to make this experience as simple and painless as possible. Our commitment to our customers is not only to meet but exceed their expectations. If you're planning a move, don't hesitate to reach out to us for help.