Moving Checklist

Packing tips? You’ve come to the right place. Infinity Movers, Passionate Movers That Cares.

Packing for a move can be overwhelming. Exactly, where do you begin? Right here! If you pay close attention to our experts’ packing tips for moving, your job will be a whole lot easier—and more effective. Infinity Movers can help even more, by packing as much (or as little) for you as you’d like. Check out our packing or unpacking options for more details.

  • As soon as you know you’re moving, get packing. Use clean, (unprinted) newsprint and professional packing tape (masking tape is not sturdy enough). Pack the items you use the least first. To make the move-in day go faster, list the contents and room on the outside of each box.
  • Leave clothing on hangers and hung in a wardrobe box. If you need to, you can order these and other packing supplies directly from Infinity Movers.
  • If possible, pack electronics in their original boxes. Or use sturdy boxes with protective materials like bubble wrap, newsprint, comforters or blankets, etc.  Label the carton as “Fragile—Top Load.”
  • Double-wrap china (up to three pieces) in clean newspaper and add some extra newspaper to the bottom and top of the box for cushioning. Smaller items should be packed last and placed on top. Mark the carton “Fragile—Top Load.”
  • Lay books flat in the carton, alternating the spine and open side. Place a piece of paper between books so they don’t stick together.
  • Wrap glasses separately with newspaper placed into the goblet and around the stem. Then, cushion each glass with additional paper and place it stem-side up in the box. Mark the carton “Fragile—Top Load.”
  • For other delicate items—like statues and figurines—use bubble wrap, then wrap them again in clean paper. Don’t have bubble wrap? Use clean paper, but just be sure each item is adequately cushioned.
  • Never pack flammable or other disallowed items including hazardous materials, perishables or items that are of personal or sentimental value. Refer to our Items Not to Pack list below for a complete breakdown.
  • If you do have unopened, nonperishable food, consider making a donation to the local food pantry. We can help with that, too!

Items Not to Pack:

Hazardous Materials – Never pack hazardous chemicals with other packing items.


Personal Importance/Sentimental Value – Documents that special care needs to be taken with, never pack important documents in the care of movers, these documents should be transported with you.