Frequently Ask Question

We are more of a moving concierge, similar to Move For Seniors. We help with the moving process by providing a “not to exceed” on every estimate.

The moving process consists of 3 main components. Furniture, Packing of Boxes, and Special Handling

All furniture -if required, will be disassembled, blanket wrapped, plastic-wrapped, and then set back up at the new location. Previously Packed Boxes are placed in the correct location in the new home. 

The question is, would you like self-pack, full-pack, or potentially both? Now, packing services are the same hourly rate as moving services. If the customer provides packing materials, there is no additional fee.

If the movers provide packing materials, there is a fee. The average box price is $5.99 to $7.99 to $9.99 per box for small, medium, or large.

To accurately determine how many movers, trucks, and labor hours are required, -the cubic feet volume is required.

Simply request a quote online or call 1-(866)-846-7175 to schedule a prompt appointment. At Infinity Movers. A moving consultant will provide an estimate using data and software systems based on the on time in distance and cubit feet of the amount of furniture on the inventory. The specifics of your move, such as dates, packing and unpacking services, and any special service will be discussed, as well as any other questions you may have. You’ll then receive a customized, complimentary written binding estimate for your review.

Once you have chosen to interact with Infinity Movers Concierge we will be to answer any questions or concerns you may have throughout the entire moving process. Your personal move concierge will update your moving information, moving details, inventory including adding or removing items from your moving list, changing the date of your move, as well as handling other requests you may have.

Infinity Movers take pleasure in assigning a quality analyst who will act as your account manager. Once the moving concierge has completed the move reservation, within 3-5 days prior to the move date they will contact you and go over any last minute change, process any changes to your plan and discuss updates.

Depending on your schedule and budget, you can choose among various different options so we can create a personalized moving process:

  1. You do all the packing yourself.
  2. We can help you pack while you do all the unpacking
  3. We can provide the complete service where we will pack everything and unpack it at the new location. Your Molloy Bros. move coordinator can review these services with you or you can check our packing options here.

Infinity Movers understands that moving can be a complicated process, thus, we have provided a list of packing tips. Read our moving tips on our website for advice on how to safely and securely pack all your personal possessions including books, dishes, clothes, electronics, and other items.

Begin with going to the U.S. Post Office’s online Change of Address form It’s also important to notify your banks, insurance providers, credit card companies, utility companies and magazine subscriptions of your new address.

Infinity Movers is a license and registered company There are a number of disallowed items including hazardous materials, perishables and personal or sentimental items that cannot make the move in our vans. In addition, pets should be transported in the family car. If this isn’t convenient, your move coordinator can recommend alternate ways to move your pets safely.