About Us


Infinity Movers is a family-owned, A+ Rated with the BBB-Accredited and AAA Accredited company that provides professional moving for the moving and Sales industry. We specialize in full-service moving, local, and long-distance moves. Our representatives from our call center and logistic center are able to move you anywhere in the United States in the shortest possible time. With our years of experience and partnerships within the industry, we can find a solution for any move
Infinity Movers adheres to state, National, and modern standards.

We use only high-quality products and equipment, Infinity Movers' provide a network of movers that are professionally trained and certified in the moving industry will handle any items of any size and will take care of your needs in a timely and efficient manner, we also have trained and certified piano crew members. At Infinity Movers, we have a solution for every move. A satisfied customer is what we are about. Our excellent services are second to none.

Infinity is built on fairness, integrity, and dedication, we will always look for the the best rate for our customers, ALWAYS.

Vision Statement

 Our vision is to establish a Moving company whose services and brand will not only be accepted in the United States of America but the world. Infinity Movers will strive for excellence in relocating each customer's prized possession. Those that are most important and personal to them while delivering the best customer-friendly service.

Infinity Movers adheres to state, National, and modern standards.

Value Statement

  • Community Service- Infinity Movers cultivating a network of movers Locally and nationally.
  • Stewart Ship-We serve the non-profit sector by fostering connections and network development. Together, we all enhance our community and the quality of life for those we connect with.
  • Servitude-Serving each customer one move at a time. Providing advocacy on their behalf
  • Compassion- Passionate movers that care about the people we connect with.
  • Excellence- We are dedicated to the vision of Infinity Movers striving for excellence acting in the best interest of our customers.
  • Integrity-Infinity Movers, we are honest, transparent, accountable, respectful, inclusive, and committed to a high quality of moving service

Infinity Movers Mission Statement

Infinity Mover's mission is to provide a Safe, Professional, Compassionate moving and consulting service that will assist homeowners and businesses alike to successfully relocate in a safe and comfortable environment. We want to build a moving company that can favorably compete with other movers and brands in the industry.

Infinity Movers adheres to state, National, and modern standards.